Two of the professional singers from Rainbow Beach are now performing regularly in Big Bands with an offer from an arranger to arrange some of the Rainbow Beach songs for production

Two new Rainbow Beach songs have emerged from a new writing collaboration with Lancaster musician Steven Wren culminating in the tracks Sunshine and Bella’s. This very positive experience has led to a new band being formed called Wurlybaby featuring Steven. The band did their showcase debut at The Midland Hotel in Morecambe and recently headlined for BBC Radio Lancashire at The Empire Thwaites Theatre in Blackburn to a sell out audience followed by an appearance
at the LMC festival.
Adel Burrows Student Liaison Officer had this to say
‘Wurlybaby performed at the college in January as part of the Rainbow Beach production – we were really impressed, they have a fantastic sound. The college is thrilled that the band are able to perform at our upcoming Festival!’

Actor team member Denzel Lawrence has increased his connections with regard to his Gospel music. A song writing collaboration with Del resulted in a worship song he will perform in London
when promoting his solo music career.

After playing the part of Denzil in his Rainbow Beach acting debut poet Mark Mace Smith has collaborated with Russ Courtenay on a poem in readiness for performances at Glastonbury


Co Founder Russ has developed his website design skills by designing and hosting the Rainbow Beach site. As a result he has gone on to do websites for other people under the banner of westend-webdesign and set up several myspace and youtube pages. For the first time he has also programmed sound scapes for the Rainbow Beach poetry tour and since has been asked to write music for another play and written sound scapes for other poetry.

Russ edited his first radio play that was broadcast on Local Communnity Radio Preston FM adding sound effects, editing the script and songs and adding cast and production credits. No doubt these are skillshe will revisit in the future.

Del has taken up the paintbrush again and done water colour paintings for publicity purposes, one of which appears on the 2010 tour poster. She very much hopes to encourage other local artistes and prison inmates inspired by equality and diversity issues inviting them to present their work on the Rainbow Beach website throughout black history month giving opportunities for their work to be seen.
Del also did the graphic designs for the poem images which she hopes will appear in a published book of the poems one day with support from
the library service and those who participated.

Since playing the part of Safra for the Preston FM radio play of Rainbow Beach Nicola Gardner has gone on to read for BBC Radio 4 plays

Local Journalist Rachel Ryan has decided to do some free lance work as a result of working with Rainbow Beach and put together a complete press campaign for activities in 2009\10

Actor Minyahil K. Giorgis playing the parts of Denzil and Jack has renewed his photography taking some photos on the tour and revisiting his editing skills by enhancing some shots for publicity. He now supplements his income by doing photo shoots for Rainbow Beach and other actors

Amie Buhari has developed her story telling skills by playing the part of Narrator for Rainbow Beach and increased her workshop skills by leading some of the poetry sessions with the general public.

Del having written the music with Russ and the script has undertaken her director’s debut for the 2009 tour and designed the portable set for the 2010 tour engaging the services of a 3rd year construction student from the Lancaster and Morecambe College to build the trolleys for screens needed for quick scene changes