Actor Dermot Daly
"From the outset I was interested in this project solely because it was different. For a new project to have such a professional web presence showcasing the heartwarming/breaking songs is something new. As an actor I always tend to seek out projects that inspire, inform and educate me and hopefully, then through performance that inspiration and verve will be passed on to the audience.
Theatre through the ages has, primarily been produced to entertain, but great theatre, I think, goes beyond that and seeks to challenge notions that are held to be true, hold a candle up to the world in which we inhabit and allow something new to be seen; I sincerely think that this project is one that will fulfil that criteria. Del, Russ and Hugo are lovely people to interact with, with enough creative drive to allow Rainbow Beach to sail to whichever shore it chooses to take"

Actress Nicola Gardner
I'm absolutely delighted! I've been walking on air since I found out, thank you so much for choosing me.

Actress Sojourner Sebela
Thank you for taking me on board to work on this ace character and brilliant project about the highs and lows of people. I'm looking forward to working with you all.

Actress Suzanne Roche
"It blew me away.I cant wait to be part of it!"

Director Hugo Chandor
"Del Afrique, the plays author, and Russ have produced
the most beautiful music for this show

Musician Steven Wren

“Rainbow beach is the most worthwhile project I’ve worked on. The world has gained so much from that particular era in terms of music and writing songs for it is a joy. Unfortunately, some people haven’t learned enough and many people around the world are still suffering from racism.
Rainbow beach is happy, sad, exciting, and educational.

Poet Mark Mace Smith
“know your history, live in the present, plan your future”

Choir member Debbie Jones
“What an amazing project to be involved in. Rainbow Beach not only has
beautiful, powerful songs but the context of the play is extremely moving. I
for one am honoured and proud to be involved in this project. Thanks so much
for the opportunity!!”

Choir member Kath Litherland
“The Rainbow Beach experience gives us a marvelous opportunity to give back
to the community and to make a difference”.

Choir member Julian Andrews
“Projects like these are vital in ensuring that the American civil
rights story is embedded in history. These events occurred in what is
now the last century, and its important to ensure we retell the stories
to our children so that they can recognise and hold guard against
intolerance and prejudice. One Voice Community choir sing a lot of
Gospel and R&B based music. Whilst we have our own style, our songs are
often deeply rooted in the struggles of those times, and in the
earlier spirituals. For me, there’s a sense of knowing that even though the songs were
conceived in troubled hearts and minds, they were born into a world
where we always strive to hope, to dream and to pray. Rainbow Beach
does that, and it fits in beautifully with our choir because that's our
message too, every time we sing."

Choir member Louise Hogg

“I am lucky enough to have been involved in some amazing events with One Voice and now cannot wait to take part in Rainbow Beach and perform in a musical, I just hope I can hold back the emotion to sing my heart out!”

Choir member Daisy Mae
“The Rainbow Beach project is another facet to the journey we are all taking part together in”.

Choir member Effie Bentham
“I feel very privileged to be part of the Preston community choir especially
with Tyndale at the helm and now to be a small part of Rainbow Beach. The whole ethos of Rainbow Beach is terribly exciting and the music is great, and I`m sure it will be a tremendous success”.

Taster day general public comments

“Thank you it was brill!”
“Very interesting Well Done”
“Very good indeed it was most enjoyable”
“Brilliant project. Brilliantly performed”
“Absolutely brilliant”
“Can’t wait to see the full production. Excellent!”
“Thoroughly enjoyable Exciting Good Luck”
“Wonderful actors and singers. Enjoyed greatly”
“Great afternoon. Enjoyable”
“Fantastic showcase. Good luck with everything”

Existing and potential partner comments

“Brilliant showcase can’t wait to be part of it” – Rachel Bond One Voice choir founder.
“Great singer, great songs would love to work together - Ruth Davies Global Link
“Thank you” Christine Burn Lunchbox Theatre Company
“Amazing in true Russ and Del style” Tracy Kohl West End Impact