Rainbow Beach
October 2009 Black History Month Lancashire tour

Everyday we’re on the hunt searching for solutions

Rainbow Beach 12th&16th/10/2009

Garth Prison

Everyday we’re on the hunt searching for solutions
We want change yeah we want a revolution
Freedom from poverty and hypocrisy
The thing that we really want is equality

We want freedom our freedom of mind
Thoughts and ideas as limitless as time
Even a negative thought’s not a crime
But you can do time for carrying a nine
We want the right to be angry without being violent
Speak our minds yeah we aint staying silent
Freedom of speech freedom from a system
Don’t want to end up a victim
Freedom from being stereotyped
Yeah that there aint right
Yeah don’t believe the hype
We wear hoodies an wanna have fun
That don’t mean that were carrying a gun
Freedom of movement wanna go where we choose
Without being followed by the men in blue
A world where all wrongs are addressed
A world with no need for no bullet proof vest