Rainbow Beach
October 2009 Black History Month Lancashire tour

the world is modelled on democracy

Rainbow Beach 27/10/2009 Buckley

the world is modelled on democracy
but seems to be full of hypocrisy
people fighting for equality
their hopes and dreams are met with oppression
constantly livin life in depravation
independence freedom and diversity
should be the foundations of humanity
banged up constantly in segregation
who cares about our nation yeah man
mass migration has been born out of emancipation
don't want to live life under pressure
want to live life in peace in the future
we can try our best to smile in the face of adversity
when all we ask of the world is equality
slavery pressure we don't need it no more
we look to the future our new teacher
living as one in harmony our voices will be heard
our civil rights will be respected
instead of always being neglected or rejected