stage play

Autumn 2008: The Johnson's Story script was completed for stage and radio play.
Ongoing production 2009/10/11 activities two to four times a year January/March/June/October. Actors/Singers from London and the North West considered. Casting times September /December/February/May
Theatre in Education programme Prisons, Libraries Museums,Theatres,Radio play
Any given employment period may contain both performances and workshops with future plans for U.S. touring, documentary, education programme and film
Strong singers an advantage but not essential
Pay dependant on part funding all payable at ITC rates

Cast of six actors for tour of North West TBC.Touring to include possible participation in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the autumn. Actors must be prepared for possible dates in America

Casting breakdowns announced in PCR perodically. Membership of Spotlight and CCP preferred. Audition dates to be arranged by personal invitation and contact will be made as and when activities are finalised and confirmed.

Casting breakdowns

5 Black actors - 3 male 2 female
1 White female

Rainbow Beach is the story of a group of sharecroppers and their
struggle to find freedom and respect. It spans 15 years. Some characters will play double parts

Narrator - Age 60-70 Older Desmy running commentry wiser, assertive
Elias Age range 40- 50 - Down trodden, man of the soil, stoic, strong
Desmy 15-25 - Energetic, youthful, idealistic
Joseph - 15-25 Angry, head strong
Jack 25-35 - intelligent, sometimes naive
Aunt Safra - 50-60 Proud, boastful, fussy, comedic
Uncle Denzil 50-60 Political ex serviceman
Editor Ezra 50-60 Proud, stickler for detail
Eleanor 25- 35 Innocent, shy, trustworthy

Ongoing invitation for actors/singers to send CV, photo and letter expressing your interest
via link further information.

photography... Minyahil Kifle-Giorgis